Choose the Boat That is Right For You


Choose the Boat That is Right For You
By Kristy Bateman

What type of boat is best for my lifestyle?

Maybe you are an avid fisherman who spends endless summer days searching for that fish that will give you ultimate bragging rights, or want to spend summer afternoons slowly cruising with a group of friends on your pontoon, or possibly have a fascination for speed and water sports. Whatever your passion, there is a boat out there that is made specifically for your needs and desires. However it isnít always easy to know exactly which boat you should choose. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormous variety of boat types and models. There are several different boat choices based on what they would be used for.

What will I use the boat for?

You should first decide what you anticipate using the boat for. There are boats for fishing, water sports, cruising, sailing, entertaining, or taking long trips. Some are designed for multiple purposes.

Once you know what you want to do with it, decide who you are going to be taking with you? You may not want a pontoon boat the fits 12 people if you are only going to be fishing with a buddy. You also donít want to overload your boat because of safety. Think about whether you will be taking family and friends, and how many at a time.

Consider where you will be enjoying your boat; up and down the calm river, on a sheltered lake, or an open ocean with high waves and rough seas. If you will be taking trips you will want your boat to have a cabin.

Choosing the right engine for my boat:

Now consider the propulsion needed when deciding on an engine type. The horsepower and weight are very important factors in the performance of your boat. If the engine is not powerful enough for your boat, it will work harder than it should and lead to a great deal of maintenance and excess use of fuel. You need to consider the size and weight of your boat, including gear and passengers. There are six different propulsion types with varying factors to consider when choosing a system for your boat.

Outboard Motors (2 types)

Outboard motors are detachable and mounted on the stern of the boat, with horsepower ranging from 1HP to over 300HP. These engines can be used in all types of water. The 2 types of outboard motors are 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

2 Stroke: better acceleration, no need to change oil, better fuel efficiency, lower priced, weighs less, quieter

4 Stroke: lower emissions, excellent fuel economy, electronic ignition systems, good acceleration, oil added to engine not fuel

Diesel Inboard Engines

These engines range in size and horsepower, and rely on compression for power. They are designed for boats over 35ft because they produce torque and weigh more than gas engines.

No carbon monoxide in cabins or back, non-explosive fuel, low running cost, excellent torque, long life expectancy

Gas Inboard Engines

These engines are used for a variety of different sizes and types of boats, and range in horsepower from 90HP to 1000HP. It is located in the middle of the boat with the drive running through the bottom of the boat to the propeller. The rudder is separate for steering.

Simple drive system, quite, hidden, lower maintenance, low running costs

Jet Propulsion

These systems do not include a propeller, which make it safer for water sports. They are inboard engines that take in water which flows through a pump that is powered by an impeller. The high pressure caused by this, propels the boat forward. However, steering is only possible when power is being applied. Things can also be sucked into the water intake, and shouldnít be used in shallow water.

Stern Drive

This is often called an Inboard/Outboard and consists of an engine and drive connected through the transom of the boat. The engine is inside and the propulsion is outside of the boat. This drive can be trimmed up or down. There are many different types of functions depending on what they will be used for. They can be used with one or two propellers, as well as two drives on one boat with one or two propellers.

Low maintenance, ease of control and steering, used on gas or diesel engines, quiet

Choose the right boat for your favorite activity:

There are different types of boats for a variety of activities and intended use. Below are examples of what boats are used for with lists of boat types best suited for that activity. You will find that there are several boats that are intended for more that one activity. For example, if you like fishing, water skiing, and plan to sleep on board; you can choose between a Stern Drive Cruiser and Cuddy Cabin.

Different types of boats


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